Become a LEARN Member

LEARN is a membership-driven organization and if you are interested in a full membership or becoming an affiliated organizationLEARN welcomes your questions.  We will address the needs and goals that are specific to your organization and look forward to providing the information you require to make the best decision for your needs.  

 To become a member of LEARN, please call 806-743-7878 or write 

What does a LEARN Membership include?

Full Membership includes:   

  • One seat on LEARN’s Board of Directors 

  • Full voting rights establishing rates, determining services and all governance matters 

  • Access to LEARN professional engineering staff for technical support at members’ institutions 

  • Access to consortium buying contracts offerings savings for LEARN members 

  • Two in-person board meetings and two virtual board meetings providing governance transparency 

  • Annual professional development and technical training on topics picked by the Board of Directors 

  • Committee participation opportunities 

  • Access to other LEARN members for collaboration and support  

  • Ability to collaborate or participate in pilots, grants, and special projects 

 Affiliated Organizations have access to:  

  • Professional engineering staff for technical support at members’ institutions 

  • Consortium buying contracts offerings savings for LEARN members